One Day Combination Camp


Limit 18 participants
Register by March 17

Jason's camps are all co-ed, unless requested differently. They are like none you've ever attended. They are physically and mentally challenging, but provide each player with the proper tools to elevate their game. These camps build individual skills. There is no team scrimmaging or one-on-one competition. They are for serious players wanting to elevate their game. More about One Day Combination Camp Camps


Oakland Christian School
3075 Shimmons Road
Auburn Hills, MI



Additional Details

LEARN TO SCORE AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEAMMATES AT OTTERBASKETBALL'S ONE DAY COMBINATION CAMP designed to cover a variety of skills within a 5 hour period. The first 2.5 hours will focus on Skills such as: footspeed and how to build strong explosive handle for strong drives to the basket. Shooting in one motion for quick release Staying on track and square to the basket How to incorporate your entire body into your shot Proper catch and shoot technique proper catch and shoot on the run Quick pull-up off the dribble. The next 2.5 hour period will focus on moves off the dribble such as: Change of speed Covering ground off dribble Eliminating wasted motion while moving Playing in strait lines Using angles to attack off the dribble. Situational finishes at the basket (strong and speed). Creating Space out of triple threat shooting out of different game situaitons. This camp is not for a player who is new to otterbasketball training. We recommend this camp to serious players willing to work very hard to become a better player. We only accept 18 players into the camp. Price includes T-Shirt and List of the drills. For more information on this camp, visit www.otterbasketball.com or call 1-866-357-2966.

1 Session

Session 1

Sunday, March 18, 2012
2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

*All registrations are non-transferrable. Cancelled registrations are subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the registration price up to seven days prior to the camp. Should you cancel 7 (seven) days or less prior to the camp, there is NO refund. No refunds are transferrable or can be directly used to purchase any products.