One Day Camp


Limit 40 participants
Register by February 14

Jason's camps are all co-ed, unless requested differently. They are like none you've ever attended. They are physically and mentally challenging, but provide each player with the proper tools to elevate their game. These camps build individual skills. There is no team scrimmaging or one-on-one competition. They are for serious players wanting to elevate their game. More about One Day Camp Camps


Columbia River High School
800 NW 99th St
Vancouver, WA



Additional Details

Come train with the best! Jason Otter is in Vancouver, WA, for a One Day Camp! The One Day camp starts by covering OtterBasketball’s level I foot speed development plan and OtterBasketball’s efficiency of movement concepts off the dribble and out of triple threat. This session will also cover OtterBasketball’s 8 essential dribble moves that should be used to create opportunities for teammates as well as scoring opportunities. The camp will then cover manipulation of defense and straight line moves that will allow players to be more successful when playing against the taller, longer, quicker, more athletic player. Players will also be taught change of direction principles as well as the ability to go from acceleration to speed which is directly related to OtterBasketball’s efficiency and kinesthetic alignment principles. Students will also work on their ability to make moves on the run in transition following OtterBasketball concepts in the open floor. Jason will also demonstrate proper shot development and practice procedures which can directly affect shooting from an efficiency and consistency standpoint. This camp is recommended to any player at any age level from the college level to the younger serious student of the game. Many of the concepts taught here are the same concepts that are taught to our professional players upon entry to the program. OtterBasketball principles are based on the ideas of Continuity of Principle Application and are proven to enhance a player’s ability to succeed against more athletic players and prevent injury. Each player will receive a T-Shirt and List of the drills performed in the camp. REGISTER TODAY!!!

1 Session

Session 1

Saturday, March 24, 2012
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

*All registrations are non-transferrable. Cancelled registrations are subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the registration price up to seven days prior to the camp. Should you cancel 7 (seven) days or less prior to the camp, there is NO refund. No refunds are transferrable or can be directly used to purchase any products.