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Jason's work ethic, attention to detail, and skills make him one of the best skills and fundamental instructors in the country.

– Jason Richardson #23 Golden State Warriors

I’ve sent my kids to other camps and afterwards I thought it was little more than ‘basketball daycare’. Jason Otter’s training is not like that. Jason is energetic and engaged; he's a great communicator; he practices enthusiastic discipline and he's a top notch instructor.

– Michael Crisp, Issaquah, WA

My daughter showed me what she learned last night and I was STUNNED! It far surpassed what I was expecting. Her work ethic, drive, ball handling, explosiveness and speed have increased tremendously. Most importantly, I see a new attitude and self confidence.

– Don Koneval

I would like to let you know that three players on my 9th grade basketball team attended your camp in Midland, Michigan this year, 2006. I wanted to thank you for helping my team get over the top. We took home the trophy on a national level. I can tell you that my son will be back at the camp next summer.

– J. Miller

While my daughter plays the post position, the offensive moves taught can be used anywhere on the Court.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

My daughter, a post player, has attended both a one day camp and two seven-week training sessions. Her ball handling and offensive moves have improved greatly through these workouts. The best part of the workouts is that it has given her the confidence to try new offensive moves in game settings.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

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