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As a father of an 11 year old daughter and veteran of numerous camps and clinics, I found the Otter School of Basketball to be the most intense and useful training program on the market. The training translates into better game performance, because the training is at the same or greater intensity and speed as a game.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

I have worked with Jason for years and I can attest he can make an average player a great player.

– Emily Damuth, Team Captain Colgate College

It is very comforting to know that when my son is at an Otter basketball camp, I have done everything I can as a parent to provide him the best possible training.  He has become a tireless worker at the game after just one year of having that concept instilled by Jason.

– Scott Phillippi, Xenia, OH

My daughter is a late starter in the game of basketball. Because of Jason's training methods and techniques, she has quickly surpassed the majority of her competition.

– Ken Bennick, Parent

My son has learned more in one-half of a day at Jasonís Point Guard Elite Camp than he learned in all the basketball camps he has attended combined.

– Chuck Latty, Parent

He can do things with the basketball that I canít even do.

– Isiah Thomas NBA Legend

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