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My son has attended Jason's Point Guard Elite Camp twice now. I see him with a fresh focus on his goals. He has gotten inspiration and a refreshed work-out routine from spending the week with Jason and his staff of coaches. Matt wants to play college ball and this camp has helped him greatly. Thanks for what you do for young players.

– T. Van Pelt

He can do things with the basketball that I canít even do.

– Isiah Thomas NBA Legend

In talking with my daughter, she had a great time at the 4-day skills camp. She worked very hard and was exhausted each night which was a good thing. She got exposure on what it is to work hard. Most girl players do not see that type of work ethic and intensity.

– R. Galac

Jason's work ethic, attention to every movement, breaking down each drill/skill makes him one of the best instructor's I have ever worked with.

– Jeremiah Hamlet, Athletes in Action.

Jason's work ethic, attention to detail, and skills make him one of the best skills and fundamental instructors in the country.

– Jason Richardson #23 Golden State Warriors

Jason teaches the meaning of excellence and shows players how to achieve excellence -- in basketball, and throughout life!

– Terrence Stein, parent of 3 point guards (Chicago, IL)

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