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It is very refreshing to see so much passion and commitment to excellence from Jason and his staff.

– Scott Marshall, St. Ignace Recreation Director

Jason provides the type of training that so many committed ballers need. Set your goals, push yourself and the sky is the limit…

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

Jason's work ethic, attention to every movement, breaking down each drill/skill makes him one of the best instructor's I have ever worked with.

– Jeremiah Hamlet, Athletes in Action.

In this day and age where young people are constantly playing games in their leagues and camps, Jason Otter provides extraordinary dedication and personal attention to individual player skill development.

– Coach Fulcher

If you want to separate yourself from other players your age and attain a higher level of game then attend Jason's Camps.

– Joe Dietz, Canton, IL 

My daughter, a post player, has attended both a one day camp and two seven-week training sessions. Her ball handling and offensive moves have improved greatly through these workouts. The best part of the workouts is that it has given her the confidence to try new offensive moves in game settings.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

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