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Jason's training methods, practice intensity, and attention to detail are second to none. He identifies individual player goals and helps them understand what is necessary to achieve those goals. Because of these disciplines, my daughter is improving at a rate that exceeds her teammates and surrounding competition.

– Ken Bennick, Parent

My son attended 3 camps this summer and LOVED them. His coaches are impressed by his shooting form and his quick defense. Everything that I believe he received from Jasonís awesome intensity and the way he runs his camps.  I think it was the best thing I could have done for my son both in a mental and physical way.

– Sue Dalzin, West Allis, WI

As a basketball coach myself, this is the first camp I have found that I sent my kids to where they actually learned a lot more than what I have taught them.

– Coach Reinhart

If you want to separate yourself from other players your age and attain a higher level of game then attend Jason's Camps.

– Joe Dietz, Canton, IL 

My daughter, a post player, has attended both a one day camp and two seven-week training sessions. Her ball handling and offensive moves have improved greatly through these workouts. The best part of the workouts is that it has given her the confidence to try new offensive moves in game settings.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

Jason's instruction has helped develop me into the player I am today.

– Trevor Huffman Kent State Star, NCAA Elite Eight

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